Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I have a lamp

Hi All

yes I finally have a lamp, it took 2 disasters before  came up with this, I used a kebab stick, a small bell, a button and the end bit of  zip, put it all together and painted it black. There is a light to go in it, this is an light up earring, got the idea from a  member of hint and tips group on Facebook,  they are from China.

I made 2 little mirrors, these are just a piece of card cut into the shape you want and panted black and mirror card placed on top.

From a bit of something that I had in my trash, I made a nail dryer, not sure what they are called, you put your nail in it and it heats up,

I have primed the inside of the room box and will hopefully get round to painting it today, 
have started to plan out the layout.

This morning I am going to the smoking clinic. I have become a non smoker since Jan 1st and so pleased with myself.

have a look at the photo's

the painted lamp

lamp, desk and mirrors

the nail thingy

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