Sunday, 7 February 2016

Franks Place

Hi All

yes Frank's Place was featured in this months Dolls House World magazine, those who do not know about Frank's Place, it was a room box I did some time ago, making as much as I could by using the inside of an old computer tower.
I love creating from trash, will put a picture on for you.
there is more details in this blog, including how i made some of the items, if you wish to see more.

the hairdressing salon is coming on, at the moment I am making items and equipment for the nail bar, trouble is I am running out of trash, need to get my begging bowl out and see what I can get.
I have made the table for the nail bar and painting some furniture black, I am sure you do not want to see pictures of paint drying, so will show you when they are finished,
those who know me, know I hate painting, it takes so long, paint a bit, let it dry, paint a bit, it goes on.

today I am hoping to get a bit more done to the nail bar, have this trick now, before I go to bed, I paint the bits I have made, and then they are dry by morning, no more waiting!!
anyway here is Franks Place

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