Friday, 12 February 2016

Hairdressing trolley made by me

Hi All

yes I have a hairdressing trolley,  I had some little white baskets, so used these as a starting point.
I then made a unit with shelves to take the baskets,

curlers-- were  yellow pipe cleaners, I just cut then down and trimmed them.

styling brushes-- I made a small brush shape from balsa wood, painted it silver with black spots and then put tiny wire around it, added a handle.

I cut up cleaning pads and put them into a small box

hairdryer-- was a metal charm, I painted it black and added a lead and plug.

the rest is what I had and just painted black.

the nail varnish bottles are beads.

I made a shelving unit for the nail varnish, this will go on the wall.

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