Monday, 4 April 2016

Turn away if you have a weak stomach

HI All
yes it was a busy week and full of mishaps,

Easter Sunday, I had both my sons, their partners and my grandson Jack for dinner, it was all going well in the morning and I was busy getting the pork ready to go in the oven, I could not find a sharp knife, so I thought why not use the bread knife. I was cutting away, when I noticed blood, looked down and the tip of my finger was hanging off, oops!!, I have a lack of feeling in my hands so did not feel it. so made myself some steri strips to hold it in place and then got it bandaged, at least I got out of the washing up.

Jack loved hos dinosaur tail, the hoodie was a bit big, but he still wanted to wear it, went to get my camera, I had already used it dinner time and guess what, the battery was flat, Thomas will send me a photo of Jack and the dinosaur.
We all had a great day, ate too much, it was really nice to have both my sons together, does not happen often.

I showed Joe, my chiropodist the bits I made for Jack and she wants me to make her son one, talking about the dinosaur tail and hoodie. 

And on top of that my little Freebie has been having problems with her left back knee and this weekend she jumped off the chair, yelped and her cartilage came out, so trip to vets, she is having a operation on the 13th of this month, and I have to keep her caged for at least 8 weeks, so that the bones will heal with hopefully no complications.

I did manage to do a bit more to my salon, I put up the mirrors and lights around them, I used the cheap string of lights that I got at Christmas (they cost me a 1.00) I also made some bottles, boxes for creams, shampoo and dyes, these went into the corner unit.
anyway enough patterning, have a look at the photos.

Jack enjoying his dinner

my 2 sons

Freebie (yorkie) Mollie (black one)

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