Thursday, 7 April 2016

progress and a moan

HI all

I am near the finishing line with my salon project, just a bit to do on the inside and then to decide what to do with the outside.

I have a nearly naked lady sitting in the chair waiting for her haircut, will hopefully dress her today.

I have been asked by Sandra, ( she works for  Dolls house world mag) if I will send her details  and photos to go into the magazine, not long ago I had a feature about Franks Place in the magazine, nice to feel that my work warrants interest.

Now the moan, those that have been following my blog know I have numerous health problems,  these I normally smile about and just get on with life the best way I can, but now it is really having an impact on my life and it is all to do with fluid, yes fluid, i have it on my lower legs and feet, and by the end of the day my feet look  like balloons, and they are so painful, I try now to have one day in my workroom and the next day with my legs raised to help to prevent the fluid, but it is not really working, so just having to get on with it, I have given up smoking but my breathlessness is just as bad if not worse, will be glad when I get to see the cardiologist to find out what is going on, moan over.

When I have finished this project I will be starting on the next one, it will be a clinic in the Niger Delta, that's all I saying for now you will just have to wait,

anyway here are some photo's of the salon so far

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