Friday, 25 March 2016


Hi All

Happy Easter

Yes it's official I have a tail!! well Jack will have, curious? then let me explain.
I showed you yesterday the hoodie I adapted for Jack, well I also found a pattern for a dinosaur tail, so I decided to make that for him as well. It turned out ok. Not sure though if I am not opening Pandora's chest for later in his life when he want's fancy dress costumes, he is not old enough yet to tell me, time will tell.

I had my bloods done yesterday and they are still within the range the doctor's want them to be. which is great for me as it means for now I can go 6 weeks between tests instead of weekly, 

Having to rest a bit more this week, sitting with my legs up, which I hate doing, but there is increased fluid on my legs, they cause me a lot of pain and because the family will all be here Sunday, I want to be at my best.

But I am not here doing nothing, oh no!! I have found a book with some lovey medieval cross stitch patterns, I am in the process of shrinking them down to 1/12th, hard on the eyes , but better than sitting doing nothing.

Have a look at my tail

it attaches with a Velcro belt.

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