Wednesday, 28 January 2015

a funny story to be told.

Hi All

I had a quiet few days,was not able to do much, this was due to my prescription being mucked up, I have my medication every month and usually  all I have to do is collect it and have been doing this for a very long time, this month, guess what? go to collect and they do not know what I am talking about!!! everyone was blaming each other, this was no help to me, so it meant I had to wait 2 days before I could get it sorted, why does it always happen at a weekend. 

This meant my body reacted to the lack of medication and I just had to sit and wait, I was able to take my standby meds, but they do make me very sleepy and a bit spaced out. I was so glad when Monday came and I could get it all sorted, then it was a couple of days to get my body back to normal, well as normal as it can be. 

I did manage yesterday to finish off some more of the accessories that I was making,
I so much want to get on with painting the shop, but my work room is to small for me to do it in there, I really want a nice day where I can do it outside, frustrating, I may have to just do a couple of bits at a time, will have to think about it.

Here is a funny tale for you, years ago, in my wild days, my cousins husband painted me, wait for it---------NUDE, yes I mean naked and proud, I wanted to look back when I was a lot older and say yes I once looked good,  when my marriage ended, I gave my picture to  my mum to look after it for me till I got my new home and had some where to display it, so I go to collect it and my mum said she had done something to it, now I thought,maybe new frame, NO NO!! guess what she had done? she had a dress painted over my body, yes a bloody dress, she did not like to see it, as it was in  her loft, I could not understand why. various people have tried to remove my dress,  I do mean from my painting,  but not had much luck, its oil on oil, I could take it to a proper restorer but it is expensive, so for now, it hangs on my bedroom wall, just waiting for me to reveal me again.

I was so upset about it, I will never look like that again, my mum just thought it looked better.

Well I had better show you my pictures 

me and my dress.

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