Saturday, 31 January 2015

I continue

Hi All
Yes I continue with my handbags, I have lots of pictures, taken from magazines,  and I am trying to copy them in miniature. I have to work out what size they would be in miniature and then I make a pattern, sound easy doesn't it?  I make one first in cardboard and once I am happy, I then make it in leather. 

I put pictures of my handbags on Facebook,  I got asked if I could make a Cath Kidston one, so I had a go. was quite pleased with it, but was not that happy with the buckles, so today I am  going to try to make buckles,  I love a challenge. Will show you the results.

If anyone knows of a easy way to make buckles,let me know,thanks.

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Jane Smith said...

Wonderful work on these, great detail!

I am not sure about function but I have made them with a loop from a eye pin and a fine wire to replicate the prong.