Sunday, 30 November 2014

As time goes by!!!

Hi All

Well what can I say? how is it that I wake up Monday morning blink and its Sunday, where is the time going. I have been so busy getting stuff ready for the Christmas Avon Party, its this coming Saturday, I am telling all  my friends and family,they want to raise money for Cancer. Hope it goes well.

This is the second charity fair I have done,  this time I want to make my stall stand out, I have 3 open room boxes, I am going to decorate them so I can display my minis better.

I put a picture of my work on facebook and immediately sold 2 sets of suitcases and a handbag, so I had to make more. 
this week I have a few more small minis to make  and then its sorting stuff out.

I am also taking my recycling goods, hopefully I can change one persons mind and they can see that not all trash belongs in the bin. I am a great believer in make do and mend , if we all just recycled one thing a week it would help. Soap box over.

Lets see the photos

Just had to share this, my dog Muppet sitting between my 2 new singing Xmas toys,
its hard to believe she is now 3 years old

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