Sunday, 30 November 2014

As time goes by!!!

Hi All

Well what can I say? how is it that I wake up Monday morning blink and its Sunday, where is the time going. I have been so busy getting stuff ready for the Christmas Avon Party, its this coming Saturday, I am telling all  my friends and family,they want to raise money for Cancer. Hope it goes well.

This is the second charity fair I have done,  this time I want to make my stall stand out, I have 3 open room boxes, I am going to decorate them so I can display my minis better.

I put a picture of my work on facebook and immediately sold 2 sets of suitcases and a handbag, so I had to make more. 
this week I have a few more small minis to make  and then its sorting stuff out.

I am also taking my recycling goods, hopefully I can change one persons mind and they can see that not all trash belongs in the bin. I am a great believer in make do and mend , if we all just recycled one thing a week it would help. Soap box over.

Lets see the photos

Just had to share this, my dog Muppet sitting between my 2 new singing Xmas toys,
its hard to believe she is now 3 years old


MelyGiunta said...

Quanto è bello il tuo cane!!! Sembra anche lui un peluche!
Bellissime mini e grazie per le foto

PILAR6373 said...

Un precioso gesto contra el cáncer,y tus miniaturas son preciosas!!

Maria Ireland said...

Wow Debbie your cases and bags are gorgeous. Good luck at the fair and have fun.
Hugs Maria

Isabelle said...

The suitcases are just delightful! I have to say that I LOVE MUPPET! So cuuuute!