Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Its getting very cold

morning all

yes its getting cold, its a bit of a shock, we have had such good weather this year, we had got used to being warm, so now its on with the heating and staying in, tome its a good excuse to sit in my work room and do my minis.

I have completed more minis for the fete, I was pleased with my make-up  that I made, I made a small container, used black card to separate the base into four and then used different coloured fimo to make it look like eye make-up. I got a tiny bead cut of some bristles from a paint brush and glued this in the bead, to form a make-up brush, for the lip stick I used part of a connector (used for jewellery making) using red fimo popped this in the connector and this became the lipstick, I had seen this some where on the web, its works well.

I then got some trays and made up trays with perfumes and jewel's,  made some jewellery boxes, enough of me going on why don't I just show you the photo's.

the cot was repainted and decorated, I made the blankets, added a gift basket.

Xmas scene finished, I know Father Christmas is a bit big, but could not resist him

the tiny minis

see the make up

I striped the pram and then repainted it and added fabric

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