Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Busy busy

Hi All

Yes I have been busy, first I had a lot of my minis on ebay and guess what I sold nearly all of them, so this week I have put more on and already bids are taking place. I always love it when someone buys my creations it makes it all worth while. I am now thinking about having a web page to see if I can sell from there, any one got any advice they can give me? I thought after my arm operation I could spend my time looking at doing this, but to be honest not sure where I should start.

Yes my operation is back on, 14th October, barring any problems, I know I said I would not get excited or prepared for it. I have been making meals and freezing them, my house has been cleaned, my nighties pressed. But until they are actually wheeling me into the theatre will I believe it. Still not looking forward to being out of action for some time, especially as we are leading up to Christmas, never mind at least I should get waited on.

Anyway enough of me rabbiting on, away to do more cleaning, at least I have stopped making shoes!!!!

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Steinworks said...

Im sending well wishes your way and I've never thought about having a website most of the people I know sell on Etsy