Thursday, 26 September 2013

still addicted and its spreading

Hi All
thank you all for your kind comments.

I think it is not just shoes I am addicted to, I am now painting small minis, I think its the paint, it has mysterious properties, it makes you want to keep opening the small tins and dipping a brush in it. have a look at what I have done


Steinworks said...

oh dear, you have gone paint happy..oh well at least you are having fun :)


Jane Smith said...

The teapot looks so exotic!

, ahh yess keep adding to the addiction yesssss ;P

Fabiola said...

Wonderful! I really like the oriental teapot.

Sara said...

los zapatos son adorables!!

Liduina said...

Such tiny paintwork, incredible! And more shoes to admire; lovely really.

elbey said...

...are you sniffing it

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Debbie! Your shoes are all so very detailed and that makes them all so special! The intricacy of your paint applications is to be truly admired! I'm impressed! :)


Conny van Den Dungen said...

Mooi gemaakt en goed geverfd.

xxx conny