Thursday, 3 October 2013

Life hurts some times

Hi All

today this is not about miniatures, but I felt I could share this with my blog friends.

My mum has been poorly for some time and she has been back and forth to her doctor, no one could find out what was wrong. 2 weeks ago she said she has lumps in her neck, these have turned out to be cancer, we are now awaiting for her to have scans to see where the cancer is and to see if it is treatable.
 We are just recovering from finding out my sister in law has cancer and now this, I am devastated  my mum is not only my mum she is my best friend, she is the one I turn to first, she shares my ups and downs, she plays such a big part in my life, I am trying to be strong for her and my dad, but its hard.

In my life I have had much heart ache, I lost my daughter 2 weeks before her 4th birthday, my dad dies suddenly at 56, and now this, I am a strong person and have coped with the heart aches, but today I do not feel like coping and I want some one to be strong for me.

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