Sunday, 22 September 2013

I have a new hobby

Hi All

Yes I have a new hobby.its making cakes, I have always wanted a food processor and finally a few weeks ago I got one, now my success with cake making in the past has brought many comments from my family, not many good ones, I would get "lovely mum, just what I wanted a doorstop" but with my new machine I am producing cakes that would look good in a shop window, so I cannot stop making them, I have been sticking to Victorian sponge and coconut cakes, this week I want to get more adventurous, will let you know how I get on and maybe take a photo, the only thing it does not help the waist line.

Well I have heard from the hospital and I have a new date for my operation, its 14th October, this time I will not get excited I will just turn up and hope it finally happens.

It has been very difficult to get stuck in to mini making, I do not want to start any big projects as I know I will not be able to do anything for a while, but want to make something, I have been working on small projects, hope to have some photos for you soon.

I went into town yesterday, its a lovely walk, I have to go over the bridge and this year we have got a family of swans, mum, dad and 4 babies, I took some photos to show you. Have a look


Wyrna Christensen said...

Amazing beautiful nature you live in. Good luck with your hospital appointment.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Debbie! I am so happy that you have a new hospital date scheduled. That is terrific! I am happy to hear that you have been baking cakes. Oh boy, who gets to eat the experiments? Your family must be delighted that you are so busy in the kitchen. My daughter is the cake baker in this house. I try not to bake because I am very fond of sweets and would eat it all, and feel guilty later.
Love the photo of the swans. What a beautiful and picturesque shot!


Steinworks said...

congrats on your food processor I have one and I love it to bits, good luck on your operation do not stress over it! I'll be praying for you

Marisa :)