Sunday, 22 September 2013

I have a new hobby

Hi All

Yes I have a new hobby.its making cakes, I have always wanted a food processor and finally a few weeks ago I got one, now my success with cake making in the past has brought many comments from my family, not many good ones, I would get "lovely mum, just what I wanted a doorstop" but with my new machine I am producing cakes that would look good in a shop window, so I cannot stop making them, I have been sticking to Victorian sponge and coconut cakes, this week I want to get more adventurous, will let you know how I get on and maybe take a photo, the only thing it does not help the waist line.

Well I have heard from the hospital and I have a new date for my operation, its 14th October, this time I will not get excited I will just turn up and hope it finally happens.

It has been very difficult to get stuck in to mini making, I do not want to start any big projects as I know I will not be able to do anything for a while, but want to make something, I have been working on small projects, hope to have some photos for you soon.

I went into town yesterday, its a lovely walk, I have to go over the bridge and this year we have got a family of swans, mum, dad and 4 babies, I took some photos to show you. Have a look

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