Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Hi All

I am finally back, the kitchen is finished and I can get back into my work room,
this is what it looked like

as you can see no room for me.
here's the kitchen.
this is my dads set and it has been in a cupboard for years, I now have a place for it

some of my blue and white collection

at night I can have all the lights on

my lovely oak spice rack

my shelving unit, painted this myself

new floor, slate laminate boards, with my doggies

So now I can get back to working on my projects. I just put a load of minis on Ebay and sold most of them so will need to start making some more.
I have started a new shop, this is going to be one around horses and their gear, plus I have a fancy to make a Arabian vintage  costumes, I was looking round the web trying to decide what I would do next and came across these, and loved them, they are so vibrant, have been making sketchers and will see what I come up with.
The other project is one I cannot talk about or show you till after August, its something to do with my son's wedding and as they occasionally have a look at my blog, do not want them to know what I am doing.
It is such a relief to have every thing back to normal, I do not do mess, I am very tidy and like to have things in their place, so you can imagine how hard is was for me, still not moaning as I am so lucky to have a bespoke kitchen in oak for less than 500.00, you cannot beat that.
Well better get off now loads of washing to do and I want to get into my work room. 

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