Saturday, 8 June 2013

who is this

Hi Al

Who is this, I keep getting random comments that mean nothing to me form ANONYMOUS,
I keep deleting and saying its spam, but everyday there is more, I cannot find the source of these comments but its driving me mad, any one else have this.

Well rant over, finally got everything in its place in my new kitchen I decided to chuck out stuff I do not use and reorganise, then I forgot where I put everything, got my head round it now.

I sold my music shop, it had been sitting around for some time after I completed it, and then I thought get a grip, you made it to sell, so get on and do it, my trouble is I fall in love with every thing I make, but it is sold, good job I have a lot of pictures.

I have been getting on with my son's wedding gift, have got her dress made, I ma taking a risk and showing you it, but they are so busy I do not think they will go on here, they only go when I tell them to have a look at some thing, but this is the first wedding dress that I have made, and feel quite proud of it, Amy's mum is coming round next week to have a look at it to see if I have got it right. I have been lurking about on their face book accounts down loading pictures of them on their round the world trip, I want to shrink these, I may use them as a collage in the back ground or a album, not sure yet. the next thing for me to create is the flowers, I do have a picture of them, but now I have to find the right colours, they are in varying degrees of pink. have a look at the dress.

the satin is ivory with  ivory netting over it, and ivory lace to the bottom. it has a sash in ivory with sparkles

I added tiny seed beads for buttons

Oh buggar, some how I just deleted every thing that I just wrote, how did I do that?
well better start again.
I have started my next project, I won a gypsy caravan from ebay the other week, it looked really nice in the photo, I knew it would need a bit of work, when I got it, it is really very crudely made, they had used nails to hold it together, I am talking big nails!!, so I decided the only way to do this is to take it to bits. The wood was rough so I covered it all in mount board, I made a new front with a door, it did not have a door, in some ways it would of been easier to make it myself, never mind I am sure I will make it look better than it did. today I want to start to decorate it, I will be putting it all together when I have finished painting as it will be easier that way. will keep you up to date with my progress and show you the stages and what I did. so here it is what it looked like when I got it.

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