Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Getting bored now

Hi All

Yes I am getting bored now, kitchen redo continues, we are up to the tiling stage, my whole house is covered in dust, I cannot get into my workroom, so cannot do minis, I know I am moaning but I want it finished and some kind of order back.
I have been promised it will be finished by Sunday, choosing flooring and paint Saturday,

Its been raining so unable to do much in garden, on the plus side, I have sorted my photos out, my drawers are tidied and sorted, my wardrobe has been sorted and clothes that I no longer wear took to the charity shop, I am getting all those little jobs done that usually get ignored.

Have got some pictures for you, I have been allowed to put my bits in the display cabinets, the drawers are coming hopefully soon, at the end of all this I am going to have a oak bespoke kitchen for cost of 300.00, not bad.

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