Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nearly Done

Hi All

Yes the music shop is on its final run, I managed to get a lot done yesterday, I still need the top done so I can fit lights and paint it and I have to decide what I will do on the exterior of the shop, thinking paint.

I found this one easy to do and not that much challenging, as I really did not need to make much for this, just design the interior. Its not like I usually do, but I am still pleased with it.

I was checking what I have to do, are you ready for this

3 caravans
2 room boxes
1 conservatory
1 large shed
and a garden scene,

Plus lots of furniture to bash, so I do not think I need to get anything else.

The other week I got very ruthless and sorted out a lot of my stash and got rid of a lot on ebay, now I can see what I have got, I also sorted it in to boxes and labelled them, so now hopefully when I need some thing I will be able to find it, do you know I have the feeling I have done this lots of times, the happiness and confusion of miniatures.

here are the photo's

need to add its name and door knob

I never use people , but I feel this needs one

I have filled both shelves with music sheets, books and records.

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