Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bashing furniture

Hi All

First I must say thank you and welcome to my new followers, I am always amazed that people like my blog and become  my friends, I hope you enjoy my ramblings, I try to stay in the miniature mould but at times I do ramble on, so grab a coffee and have a look at my work.

I finally was able to get out and buy a new heater, so I am back in my work room, hurrah, as I cannot get on yet with my gypsy caravan redo, I needed to find something else to do, so looking through my pile of furniture, I picked some bits out and decided to see if I could modernise them, I know its away from my usual shabby chic look, but thought it was time to do something different, I blame Jazzi, looking at her work and the chats I have had with her, made me curious, so I looked around the web and got a few ideas, so you will have to wait to see what I came up with.

I have been collecting minis for a musical shop I want to do, one of the minis I wanted to change was the piano, they all look the same and I wanted mine to stand out, so that is in with my bashed furniture.

The weather here is gradually getting better, it is  no longer freezing and the snow is beginning to thaw, nearly had a big problem with my new puppy, I had put down some salt for defrosting the paths and preventing it freezing, but unbeknown to me it contains anti-freeze, my new puppy Mollie went out, came back with snow on her paws and licked it off, later that night she had terrible diarrhoea and sickness, I rang the vet, after some discussion we came to the conclusion she must of got some of the "salt" and digested it, his suggestion was just to give her water and to watch her, if she showed signs of distress I was to bring her in straight away, we had a bit of a disturbed night, but the next day she was ok, my son cleared the "salt" away, so a warning to you all with animals or even small kiddies, as they sometimes lick the snow, beware of the anti-freeze contained within the "salt". 

anyway lets get on with the photos, 1. shows the furniture I picked to redo, and 2. this is it all with its first coat of paint.
Today I want to finish off the painting and start to transform it.

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