Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Messy lot

Hi All.
For those of you who enquired about Muppet and her ordeal, she is a lot better now, she has got very nervy, but hopefully that will lessen in time, I have not taken her out since. I think I am as nervous as she is.

Had another problem with photos again, I had used up all my space in my Pisclia web albums, I am to mean to buy more space so I am deleting pics to give me more room, this will take a while

Now for the mini news, I have put my Christmas chalet on hold for a few days, I need to make some new items to go unto the shop, if you remember I have been offered a shelf in the local hobby shop to display and sell my minis, having sorted through my stash, I am in the process of changing it, I thought I would show you a picture of what it looks like before I start to make it to my own design.

The good news is Mini Jazzi has arrived, will send you a link as soon as she lets us know, I wonder what adventures she will have, so looking forward to her coming here.

can you see what they will be?
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