Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hi All

First how hard is it to give your post a heading? I struggle some times, what do others do?

I am pleased to see some new followers to my little blog, thank you, I do hope you enjoy what you see and read, feel free to leave comments,

I did not do a lot on minis yesterday, by the time I got back from the vets ( dogs, not me) opened my parcel, gushed at the caravans, don't you just love them, had a coffee, it was time to think about getting tea, sometimes the days just go, Today I have a doctors appointment, just a routine check up, no doubt will get nagged into getting my flu jab, I will be working on my minis, yes I will, if I say it enough times I am sure I will!!.

Did you catch up with Mini Jazzi, so pleased to see she has arrived safety, I am looking forward to hearing about all her adventures,

So minis today, I have finally finished painting all of my bits and today will now start to put them back together, will be adding items, making items, lots to do, but this is the part I love best, hate the painting bits. my son must be so used to me and the strange things I do, he heard the microwave ping, so asked what was I cooking, I said furniture, and he just accepted it,

this will not do, washing to hang out, things to do, catch you all later
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