Friday, 31 August 2012

ever had one of those weeks

Hi All
welcome to my new followers, the numbers are creeping up, will have to do another give a way if they reach 200.
yes its been one of those weeks, at the start of the week I had good intentions of getting on with my minis, after I did my housework the time was going to be my own.
well first my new bed arrived, so that meant sorting that out, I then dropped a cup of coffee on my beige carpet, so that had to be cleaned. Finally I got into my work room. I pulled out a drawer to get some card and that broke, so I had to empty 4 drawers and mend the drawer, I had a pile of stuff all over my workroom, I could not move, never mind I thought tomorrow is another day.
the next day I started to put stuff back, but had a light bulb moment, lets sort out the drawers in to a more sensible arrangement, 2 hours later I was seeing progress, I pulled down a box that was full of bits and bobs to put something in and the bottom fell out and how is it when you drop something it goes all over, so that meant another thing to sort out.
another day tomorrow, finally Wednesday evening it was all back in order and looks a bit tidier, yesterday I had the day out with my dad, and now its Friday, where did the week go!! I think I should forget this week and start again
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