Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hi All
I am still enjoying our lovely hot weather, I have been working on the garden, my mum and dad brought me 12 shrubs, so they have gone in the back of the garden, its really beginning to look pretty. Last year for my birthday my son brought me 4 mini fruit trees, they are doing very well, except the pear tree, it looks like the frost may of got it, but have left it in to see if it perks up.

Have done a bit of mining, I started on the Moroccan project, I am going to the club Monday night and I thought I had better make a start, I sprayed it white, and have started to paint it, I have used gold to begin with, I also have made the flooring, I drew the shape of the base and then cut up tiny squares from some lovely shinny paper I had got, I then laid this on the base.

I made another bicycle today this time in pink, and ecorated it with flowers.

well thats my news for today.
here are some photos for you

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