Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It was hot!!!

Hi All
no minis to show you today, yesterday was hot, yes hot, so my son, his friend and myself, worked on the garden, well they worked I supervised. It was the fist day we could get out and start tidying it up, I have an area where we sit under the Wisteria, next week I am having it gravelled, so it needs clearing up and getting ready. We have nearly got it cleared, son finishing it today.

I have an tatty plastic table outside, it really looked like it was ready for the rubbish tip, but I found in my stash, 4 cans of beige spray, got them cheap some time ago, I always knew I would use them, so I am spraying the table, and I am going on to do the chairs as well, I never like to throw anything away, love to recycle.

Going out today to my mums, we usually go shopping, I visit the local junk shops to look for goodies, and the sun is out again today, its going to be HOT!!
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