Thursday, 9 February 2012

Yipee at last

So happy and pleased with myself today, I finally got some work done, after my disappointing week, I quickly got sorted this morning, armed with my coffee I shut the door and got on with making bits for my doggy shop.

I made toys for my doggies to play with, I used brightly coloured beads and embroidery silks to make balls to throw, again using embroidery silks made tug of war toys, chewy toys out of filmo, and some chewy bones. after this I was really getting into the swing of things, so I made feeding bowls, I used the caps form screw covers, painted them gold and silver, well it is a posh shop, some were placed onto feeding trays, others I have left loose, I then made a gold plated bed with real silk cover and velvet throw, wonder who will buy this when it goes into the shop?
I am enjoying this project, it is making me think how to do the items for dogs, I love to be challenged.

last night I made wait for it, this is the point where my son now thinks I have really lost the plot, a apron for my washing up bottle, I saw the project on the web and thought that would look good, have put on a picture for you.

There is also  a picture of my dog freebie showing her really fed up with the snow, she hates it and does not like going outside, I have had both of them cuddling up to me on the bed at night, spoilt doggies,

lets have a look at the pictures

gold and silver feeding bowls

toys and blankets

the gold bed

don't my washing up bottle look posh

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