Monday, 17 September 2012

a quiet weekend

Hi All

I had a quiet weekend, did some more painting on my chalet, having a bit of a problem working out the front, not sure if I should leave it open or put a front on it that opened up, I may wait till the end to see, some times I think we have to just go with the flow and see what happens.

Saturday was hot, hot, hot, so spent time on the garden, sorting out and preparing for the winter months, boring to you but very relaxing for me, and Sunday went out for a pub lunch, very nice, but the highlight of the whole weekend was DOWNTOWN ABBEY is back, and what a great episode it was, did you see it, made me what to have Downtown in mini, but to get a dolls house that size would be very expensive and would take ages to do, but what fun it would be.

I thought on Mondays I would scout around and find Give a Ways for you to enter, that way.
would you like that, so off I go to have a look for you, will post them here
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