Saturday, 22 September 2012

bad day yesterday

Hi All
well I started off with good intentions, having I felt wasted a week, the idea was to take doggies for their walk then into my workroom, NO

We had a horrible experience in the local park, we always check that there are no dogs around before I let my 2 off lead, the park was empty, or so we thought, so off my dogs go and out of nowhere came running 2 Staffie's ( now I love all dogs) but these 2 decided that it would be good fun to chase my little Yorkiepoo, ( she is no bigger than a small cat) we it screamed at her to stop but she was yelping and running in a blind panic and we could not catch her, I managed to get my other dog and hold her while my son ran after Muppet, a woman came out from the tress and I shouted at her to call her dogs off, she just said she could not help it if her dogs chased things, well I will not repeat what I said, but the woman did catch her dogs and put them on a lead and went off, in the mean time my little dog was still running along the main road with my son trying to catch her, he did thank goodness, we went straight home and my little dog would not get out of my arms or stop shaking, I checked her all over and she did not seem to have any injuries, but I spent the rest of the day calming her down, I get very angry when people know that their dogs chase that they let them off lead, there are many people who walk their dogs around here but most of them are responsible and take care, it has made my little dog very scared now and I think it will be a long time before I will be able to take her out again, I am lucky i have a large garden so I will be able to insure she gets her exercise.
She is fine this morning but is staying close to my other dog, Freebie, Freebie has been mothering her, I think it shook Freebie up as well as she was also very quiet yesterday.
I just wish people would think before they do things as they have consequences when things go wrong.

So I am letting this week go, its shopping today and i always have a lazy day on Sunday, so I will be back on Monday with I hope some great give a ways that I find for you
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