Wednesday, 20 June 2012

update on beach hut

Hi All
I continue to feel better, still get breathless but I am pacing myself a lot more and gradually learning how to do things at a slower pace. hard for me but it is enabling me to get things done. i am so glad I have my miniatures to keep me sane, so on that note lets talk minis.

Yesterday I worked on my beach hut, its coming together well, I am now at the stage where I can start to put the scene together, I made a sand castle by cutting 3 small round pieces of wood and covering them with sand paper, I placed the smaller one on the top of the bigger one, added a flag, cute.

I made a notice board for the hut and added lots of postcards of different places, put up 2 shelves and a small table, I have started putting stuff on the shelves, so far I have added biscuits and juice cartons, today i want to make some toys for the kids and other bits as they come to mind.

In between this, i was looking at a garden magazine for bits for my garden and I love the cup and saucer bird feeders, I got thinking could I make this in miniature, yes I can, so I did, I also made another kind, these have a large cup on top of a big stick and you put this in the ground, sometimes they have bird seed in and some have a candle in it, still got to make a base for those, but you can see the idea in the picture.
I love looking at real life objects and seeing if I can make it in mini.

going to look again at the garden magazine

here are the photos

I used sesame seeds for the bird feed

still more to do with this one

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