Tuesday, 19 June 2012

tutorial for you

Hi all

well I continue to improve, I have new Medicine and it seems to be helping my breathing, still cannot do a lot of walking, housework without getting breathless, but I am a lot better than I was, waiting for a scan appointment now and then back to hospital. Thank you again for your kind words.

Did manage to do a little project for my beach hut scene, so thought I would show you how I made it.

Step one, I got some material, the size I wanted it to be was 71/2 inches log 3 inches high, so I cut 2 pieces slightly bigger, hemmed the top and bottom on both pieces.

then sew bias binding to each end and 2 more at 21/2 inches apart, make sure you leave the ends open

I then added some contrasting ribbon on the front, using the line of bias binding for guidance.

Sew both sides together, right sides facing,leave gap so that you can turn it the right way and ensure you leave gaps at the bottom and top for the kebab sticks to go

Take 4 kebab sticks and cut to size. they need to be a bit longer than your wind breaker, at findings to the ends, I used a flat shape for the bottom so it would stand up.I also sprayed with hairspray to stiffen it, you could use fabric stiffener or iron on stiffener, I

finished, front view

back view

I hope you was able to understand my instructions, let me know if you make it.

I thought as well I would show you my new garden area, where I can now sit and drink my coffee.

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