Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hi All
thank you for your lovely comments about my little settee, I enjoyed doing it.

i have just come back from my hospital tests and appointment, it appears that I may have COPD, I am to have more scans, take a different inhaler and go back in 2 mths to see if there has been an improvement, and don't you just love it when they say, do not worry, as she also said due to the size of the clots I had on my lungs last year, I may have some residue of clots still there, but as I am on the warfarin, its OK!!!  oh well more tests, more drugs, good job I remain positive.

Friday is supposed to be the day the stones are to be laid in my garden, if you could see the weather we are having here, rain, winds and cold, I somehow think it will be again cancelled, where is the sun!!!
hopefully back to minis tomorrow
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