Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hi All
Disaster!! my duck house got broken, partly my fault, we were very busy clearing the garden and the rain came, in our haste to collect the tools etc, we just threw them in my work room, in the process my little duck house fell to the floor and got broke, I have had to admit defeat, I tried all yesterday to repair it, but it was too far gone. It has made me lose heart with this project, I will continue to dress the ducks, but will put the project on hold till I feel like tackling it again.

we are now ready in the garden for my cousin to lay my stones, I got some little lights and my son put them around the wisteria, they look so pretty at night. We have only one problem, after all the sunshine we now have rain, just hope it stops long enough for the patio to be laid. Today we are removing my wall paper in my bedroom, I am having a feature wall, I got some lovely flowered pattern paper, my cousin is also going to hang that as well.
So you see I have been busy, I have had very little time for minis, I hope soon to be back in my work room creating and making,
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