Wednesday, 6 June 2012

back to minis

Hi All
I managed to get back to some minis today, my garden is now on hold, we have everything ready, stones delivered, ground prepared and guess what, its raining, we had decided that Friday would be the day and guess what, we are in for heavy rain and thunder storms, Its my fault I kept bragging about the sun, you know that fleeting week of sun we had, think that was summer.

Tomorrow I have got appointments at the hospital, lung function tests then seeing consultant, at least I do not have to wait for the results.

So today I made sure that I did some minis, I did feel a bit let down now that my duck house got broke, but I am not giving up and have decided to make a beach hut for them instead, so I have measured out loads of bits of wood, they have been painted, I always paint before gluing as paint does not seem to go over glue very well, so I am back to my favourite hobby, watching paint dry.

I did complete a little settee, not shabby chic, looking through my stash I found this settee and loves the shape of it, I painted it gold, added some jewellery, which I also painted gold, recovered using silvery silk material, added trim and 3 cushion's, pretty pleased with the result.
have a look



notice the jewell on the top
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