Thursday, 10 May 2012

I have to admit to cheating

Hi All
before I start my confession, I have to tell you the SUN is shining, dare not speak about it for long, it might go away.

Now for my confession

I did tell you I was going to make my roof tiles, well I started yesterday, I got the egg cartons ready to paint, then went looking for paint, I did not have any in the colour I wanted, this meant I would have to go to town, now I do not drive any more so that meant a taxi, which would cost me £6.60, there and back, then the cost of the paint, so I worked out it was cheaper to buy the tiles for £6.00, no postage from eBay, As much as I would of liked to make them the costs made it an expensive roof. so I am cheating and will be using ready made, hopefully they should be here today.

I decorated the inside of the shop/flat front, put the last coat on the window frames, this morning I will be finishing off the front and outside of the shop/flat, I did not paint or do anything to it in the end, it actually has a very nice paint colour on it already, so I have gone with that, so all thetas left to do, is put it all together and finish the roof.

Before I can do anything I have to bath my 2 doggy's, with all the rain we have been having, it has made my garden look like a mud bath and they both decided it was a good idea last night to play in it, so bath time today.

see you all later
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