Thursday, 29 March 2012

been busy today

Hi All

wow up to 121 followers, thank you for joining me and my miniatures, I hope you like what you see, feel free to comment, I love your comments, you give me encouragement, so thank you.

I have started to work on the furniture for my shabby chic shop, I like to have everything ready to put in place when I have finished decorating, I am very impatience, I do not like to wait.

I started with a settee and a dresser, both of these have been repainted and distressed, the settee I covered with a lovely pink and grey material and added grey trim.

The dresser still needs a bit more doing to it, I had in mind a lovely flowered set of plates, I had hoped to put these on, but they are to big for the shelves, now I have to look for something else.

I also made a belt for my Victorian house keeper, to wear round her waist,

anyway here are the photos

for the front of the cushions I used a lace mat, which I cut up

this has shades of blue showing through the white paint,

you may of seen this before, this will become my shabby chic shop, my bargain for 16.00

the belt for my Victorian house keeper

Muppet ( the puppy) and Freebie, their favourite place, my bed curled up on my dressing gown

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