Thursday, 16 February 2012

still poorly

Hi all
just a note to let you know I am still poorly, now on antibiotics and steroids, bit of a bummer as I am trying to lose some weight, and the steroids will put what I have lost and more back on. never mind hopefully should start to feel a bit better soon.

But I had to show you this I could not decide what I could use for my project the Doggy Parlour, but there it was on eBay, a child's house, I got it for 20.00 including postage,
I am going to have the bottom part as the shop, and the the upper floor as the parlour, the attic space not sure yet. maybe storage or small kitchenette for the staff.
 I will see,
had to put a photo on this is the before, hopefully it will not be long before I can start working on.
see you all soon

I will be changing the colour and the name will go,

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