Wednesday, 18 January 2012

projects for you

Continuing with my project today, I made a dog basket and dog coat, I thought I would show you how.

I got some Aida fabric and put It on top of a jar lid, ( this is used often for baskets ect) soaked it in diluted pva glue and left it to dry.

When dry, take off the elastic band and cut where the  band was

cut into shape

I then got some bias binding and sewed it on close to the edge, all the way round this gave me a neat edge.

I then cut out a circle to fit the base of the basket, padded it and covered with material, this was then glued into the basket, a sweet little dogs basket, you can vary the size by using different sized tops.

finished basket

Now the dog coats.
I cut out a shape in card, I just looked at my dogs coat and drew that in miniature.

I then using this as the pattern, cut out 2 pieces on fabric. (wrong sides together)
sewed these together, leaving a gap so I could turn it to its right side. sewed up the gap

, added trim, and small bit of ribbon for ties,

finished coats.

Hope you enjoyed these, more work tomorrow, maybe a few more projects we will see

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