Friday, 4 November 2011

attacking the house

I blame the cooker, I was quite happy with my Victorian house, doing bits now and then, no problem, then I saw it a lovely cooker, got to have that I said, then looking at my house I thought I need to change the kitchen, first I have re done the dining room, in earlier posts I showed the ceiling I had done and the wall panels, well that is now done, just got wall lights to put in and I can then think about the furniture, and there lies another tale, I carefully stripped the original chairs re painted them, changed the seat covers, finished or so I thought, then on eBay I saw a wonderful table, chairs all laid with dinner service, the table has little brass wheels, it is so lovely, but its 40.00 for the lot, I put it on watch and carried on redoing my original table and chairs but I could not get the set I had seen out of my head, so today I have put on a bid for it, it has one day to go, I am telling myself its an early Christmas present, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it, I hope to be able to show you it in a few days, just hope I win it.
Now I looked at the kitchen, stripped it all back, whats that, the entrance hall now looked a bit dingy, yes you guessed I stripped that as well, they are now both ready for redecoration, and to think it all began with a new cooker. hope this time I will be satisfied. we will see.

Had some good news I sold my 40,s house on eBay this week, I also cleared out a lot of stuff that I did not need, it all went, wish I could sell like that every week.

I had a 1/24th cabinet, showed before in earlier posting, the lady who has the 1/24th house saw it and immediately brought it, she was so happy with it, I must admit I am not very keen on making items that small, but she keeps coming back for me to make more, she now wants pictures and kitchen items, so more work to do, I do not like turning her down as it all helps with advertising my work.

In between all this I have started working on my pine unit for my own kitchen, it is now rubbed down ready for painting, having to wait for a dry day, my friend has given me a old meat safe, it is in a terrible condition, but have taken it apart to see what I can do with it.

I have had another visit to the physio, I am beginning to think we speak differently, as I keep saying its the pain at night when I lie on my rt side and she keeps giving me exercises to make it move, I try to explain moving it is not that much of a problem its the pain, so what happens I come home with a pulley system to play with for 6 weeks, cannot wait to see what happens on my next visit.

news on the puppy, Muppet, she is not growing, she still only weighs 1.2kgs, and is now 31/2 months old, she makes up for her size with her attidude, she is very stubborn and if she wants something she will have it, everyone who meets her think she is adorable and they all want her, but she is not for sale.

lets get on with the photos.

the culprit cooker

dining room progress

kitchen stripped

hallway stripped

1/24th cabinet sold, some of the items have been made by me

pine kitchen unit I am doing up
the meat safe

muppet and freebie, see the size difference

some printies for you found on net not mine so please only personal use,

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