Monday, 31 October 2011

working on

Don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of miniatures, I had so many plans this weekend, instead I visited DIY shops to pick paint and other bits for my kitchen, I know I should not complain as I will have a nice new kitchen before Christmas,

I did manage to do some today, I have made the fire surround and chimney breast, they are being glued as we speak, I have put up the ceiling, glued in place the coving, cannot do much more waiting for it all to stick,

have got a couple of pictures for you,
this is my unit that will be in the dining room, it took me a long time to collect the ornaments and I am very happy with them.

Tomorrow I have to visit the physio, to see if she can get my right arm moving a bit better and to help with the pain, do not hold out much hope, but we will see.

glad you liked my little puppy, she had her first haircut and nails done today, she was so good, she is full of mischief and is constantly on the go, then she will suddenly stop and go to sleep.
anyway here's the photos

some of these are Victorian fairings
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