Friday, 5 August 2011

its a dogs life

Hi all
welcome to Mieke, glad you dropped by, also thank you for your lovely comments, I love reading them,
its cooled down here thank goodness, and we have had a lot of rain, easier to work in.

Just had to show you this, my little dog, freebie is so lazy, when I get up in the morning she stays in bed, yes I let her sleep with me, she is spoilt, look at this photo

she has to sleep under the covers.

now back to  my minis, yesterday I almost finished my 40's house, now I just have to dirty it up and tidy up a few bits, the lights are in, I hate that job, why do the bits ping off at the moment you are about to connect it, got them done after a lot of swearing, you can see the result in the photos,

I then had a little black metal pram, so I customised that, I first painted the spokes brass coloured and around some of the pram, made a cover and hood, see the results,
I also made a small baby changing mat. I may make a few more bits not sure yet, I go into my work room with one idea and then I look around and change my mind.

I got this lovely display table from eBay, its showing little Egyptian relics, not sure where to put it yet, I have a big project that I want to do, if you have looked through my blog you would of see all the bits I have and have made for my Egyptian room box, so do not know if to put it in there or the study in my Victorian house, we will see, I keep looking at my Egyptian miniatures, I must start on that, it will be a big one, maybe I will start it,

I have also got another item from eBay ( I am always looking on there) not telling you yet but its so different, and have not got a glue what to do with it, ( I have just thought of something, but it may be a bit creepy) you will see what I mean when you see this mini, but that's all I am going to tell you about it, watch this space.
so lets see the photos.

the little pram,
changing mat

this is so lovely

Well I had better get dressed, do a bit of housework, boring, see you all soon
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