Friday, 19 August 2011

I have been busy

I have been busy making more bits for the new project, I have found the wall paper I am going to use, bit more to do on it before I show you.
today I made a scroll and a box to put it in, here are the details

I made a small long box to hold the scroll

this I painted metallic gold, placed tiny picture on top

sorry this i a bit blurred, I cut and painted 2 cocktail sticks, rolled a small Egyptian design and attached the ends to the sticks, then it was rolled up

scroll with cocktail sticks attached

finished item.

I am making a few of these, along with boxes and other bits, as it is a large shop, I hope to end up with a large selection that are for sale,

I have also been to the hospital today to have my echo scan, will have the results in a couple of weeks, just hope all is ok,
this weekend is down to housework stuff like washing, ironing cooking cleaning, there depressed myself now, so going to have a large drink and watch a bit of telly bye for now
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