Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hello and welcome to my new followers, how pleased am I to go over 50, how will I feel if it reaches a 100, hope you enjoy my blog and like my work, please feel free to make comments, I enjoy recieving them.
below are pictures of what I am going to do next
my bargain shop

some of the items I have made

some of the items I have sprayed

some of the items I have brought
after a lot of deliberation I have decided to start my Egyptian project,it has been sitting looking at me for a long time, and now I have my new work room I have the space to work on it, I have put on pictures before but will be showing them again, one of my problems was deciding what to cover the wall with, well I found something, and I am now in the process of making the paper look right, I am still undecided what to do the outside wall in, I welcome any suggestions, I was very lucky with the shop, I picked it up for 5.00 from my local second hand shop, I could not believe my luck, the other bits I have collected for a long time and I have also made a lot of ornaments and bits for it, today I am going to spray a cabinet gold to match the others I have already done, it really just needs decorating and putting it all together, so off I go.
If you want to see some more pictures see earlier blog pages.

this is before I get spraying,

I have also completed another one of my projects, its a mans desk, I sprayed this matt black, added some gold decorations and then added stuff to make it look real, hope you like it

you can see the before and after,
well better start preparing the room box, will be putting on pictures of my progress

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