Wednesday, 8 June 2011

hi all

Good morning all
I am feeling much better and have ventured into my work room, the temptation was too much and I gave in, well after consulting my Dr. who said do what you feel comfortable doing, and to me that meant miniatures!!!
I have so many projects that are half done, so the decision was made to take one at a time and finish them, so my first was a double bed, this was half painted, so I worked on that, have taken pictures and will put them on later, along with the bed I then made a matching dressing table and wardrobe, finished of a settee, I do feel like I am getting some where,
my new work room is so light and a pleasure to work in, but it did not take me long to make it untidy

below are pictures of my work room. what do you think, I am so lucky, its even got a telly,
right next to my kitchen so handy for coffee.

showing my big project, my Victorian house, this is work in progress

my messy work bench, well I know where everything is

today I have to go to get my bloods taken, I have to do this twice a week, then they tell me what strength I need for my blood thinning tablets, got to do this for 6mths.
when I get back suppose I will have to do some house work, then I will be going to do more minis, see you all later

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