Thursday, 5 May 2011

what a week

What a week
first my breathing problems have not let up so another visit to the doctor, more steroids, antibiotics and a nebuliser, oh I also have got to have an Xray,
then a call last night, my mum has had a couple of mini strokes, so over to the hospital for a few hours while we wait to see what is going to happen, she has recovered from the strokes but as got to stay in for a couple of days,

I am sitting surrounded by boxes beginning to sort out my stuff, I brought some new boxes and shelving, the shelves are great they are meant for a kiddies room to hold toys but they are perfect for me,

so today I am  back to the hospital to see my mum, please say prayers for, its so worrying, she is 76yrs old and has always been fit and well,
will keep you updated
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