Saturday, 7 May 2011

hi and welcome to Beatrice

Visited my mum, she is a lot better and is just having some tests and then she will be able to come home, hopefully she will see this as a warning and start to look after herself a bit better, she can be so stubborn and sometimes thinks she knows better than the doctor, we will see
Welcome Beatrice, hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to add any comments,

today the work room is being finished, should be able to move back into there on Sunday, thank goodness so frustrating not being able to do much, any way as promised photos

work room in progress

walls being painted

my organic vegetable plot

as you can see it should be very productive

bargain shelving picked up at argos, only 13.00 and is great for organising my stuff

fell in love with this from Ebay

have decided to turn it into a school for owls

first attempt at making owls,

saw this idea and decided to do it myself, impressed that I even made the food.

as you can see from the pictures, work room in progress,
my vegetable plot is coming on very well and next week I should be able to start thinning out the plants, think I may of put a few too many seeds in, Jim next door is pleased as he will be getting free veg plants,

hope you like the little bird house, got this from ebay and it will become ate some time an owls school, I had a go at making owls and was pleased with the result, now I want to make others but in different poses and wearing clothes,

the little dresser I saw something similar and made my own, this was the first time I had made cakes and I enjoyed it, I could sit and watch Tv while doing it

so I hope I have interested you and you have enjoyed looking at my blog
until the next time
bye for now
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