Monday, 3 January 2011


Happy new year to you all

now that Christmas and new year is out the way I can again concentrate on my miniatures, I had a very nice Xmas and got lots of goodies, family all round, too much to eat and far to much to drink, thank goodness its over for another year. love it really, but glad to get the decorations down, the house back to normal and a new year to look forward to

So what is happening in my world of miniatures.
My friend had opened a dolls house shop last year, a risky time but she is cooking on gas, selling like mad, it seems it was just what this area was looking for, this also meant that more people got to see my miniatures I had created, and they sold and sold, now I am left with some empty spaces which I have to fill, I am also going to have a go at making curtains, I will try to remember to put them on here

I  will also try to put on a tutorial every week, finish my own dolls house and write my blog regularly, see where I am going here, yes I made some resolutions, and having put them in writing I am hoping that will make me keep them,

so my miniature friends, just to get the housework done, walk the dog and then to my work room see you all there later
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