Saturday, 16 October 2010


Thank you all who have started to follow my blog, its great to know others are interested in what I do,

I was looking at the suite I had recovered and decided it needed more, why is it you can never be satisfied with what you do and always feel you have to add more, anyway i added a throw to the settee and then came across a old coffee table that was a bit battered, so i repainted it in the gold, distressed it and then dressed it, I have a box full of crockery and bit so I found a lovely gold and white china set, a little flower arrangement, some magazines and glasses, and put them on to the coffee table, now I am happy with the end result,
I am trying to decide to either go back to ebay to sell or to try etsy, I have loads of items that I have made so will have to start to get rid so I can make some more, running out of room.
anyway added pictures of end results, would love to have comments on my work

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