Thursday, 14 October 2010

been busy

have been busy finished my witch room box, waiting for my witch, who I hear is in the kiln as we speak, new pictures, found some great earring's that light up, and some fantastic little spiders, its looking really creepy,

I made all the books using printies found on the web, book covers that I had shrunk down and small blocks of balsa wood, some of the books have pages in them, the bottles, some I had so I just added anything strange I had lying around, the other bottles I made from straws cut down to size and added labels, others were made from beads, the other bits were from my junk box which I turned into objects that I thought would be around, I also added some crockery that I had, I am really pleased with my finished effect, its difficult to see the lights and the effect they have. what do you think, story is coming on, but I keep getting distracted and then I have to find my thread again, but I will get there.

The other project I worked on was a settee and 2 chairs, I got some lovely William Morris material and so I used that to cover the cushions,  earlier I repainted it and then I distressed it, here is the result, I made the small cushions from some silk that i also got from ebay, lots of bargains there,
well tomorrow is another day, I wonder what i will be making?
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