Thursday, 28 October 2010


morning all
here are some tips and ideas, not all mine, some that I have picked up from the big wide web.

Incense sticks, cigars-burn end slightly to give ash, candles- attach a small bit of black cotton.

Jar, can be made from many items, plastic clear pens-cut down to size, small metal press stud glued to top. straws cut to size, mugs, vanity boxes

Ties, get these from second hand shops for next to nothing, take apart and you have some lovely material, look out for silk ties.

container caps, plant containers, dustbins,basket molds.

Seal edges of material with clear nail varnish, this helps to stop it fraying.

Lolly sticks, shelving, cut up for small boxes, flooring,

Kebab sticks,  curtain poles, rods for stairs- cut and paint, fishing poles

Cocktail sticks, i always have these around, great for using them to glue tiny ares,
walking sticks, umbrella handles, paint with correction fluid for candles,

Clock and watch parts, I have a plastic box full of bits from all sorts of things that I pull apart, its amazing when you look at something you can see something else, as with the watch you can use the numbers as house numbers, door knobs, cases can become serving trays, have a look and see what you think.

Old brooches, take apart, the back can be used as trays, picture frames,

Wooden buttons, plates, bowls, trays

Jewellery holder, if you have a old doll hanging around, take its arm off, ouch!! and remove the metal parts, find a dome shaped button or bead, glue together and spray, black looks good, when dry you can either decorate it or leave it plain, place it on a tray or dressing table, hang miniature jewellery and there you have it, a hand jewellery holder at the fraction of the cost.

there is a lot more tips out there and I am sure you have some that you can add,
I hope you will find these useful, next time I will add some of the web sites that I find really good and interesting.
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