Thursday, 14 August 2014

update on life and project

Hi All

Time is flying by, this is now my 4th week on my rehab programme, oops better say its for my breathing, as someone may think rehab means something else, when I first started this, I did think "why do I need to learn how to breath properly" but it is making a difference and doing 2 hours a week of exercise is making me feel better, only another 4 weeks to go.
Do you find time is speeding by?

I have managed to find time to work on my bikers garage, I have now painted the inside of the helmet, I wanted it to be dirty, so I have given it a base colour, I mixed white and brown and just slapped it on, I just need now to make it grubby.

I made some bottles, using small batteries that you find inside computer towers, ( best thing I ever broke up, was my computer tower, I have used the parts in just about everything I make) added lids, which are beads and labels I found on the web and shrunk them to size,

The waste oil container, is just a bit of balsa wood,shaped, painted and added label and tap,

painted and added tyres to my tyre stand, this I made form bits of wood, got old toys from junk shops and took the tyres off. 

Found a brilliant name for the garage, "Busted Knuckle"

so thats my update, have a look at photos, now I am  off to catch up on your blogs

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Elizabeth S said...

I LOVE the working title of "Busted Knuckle"; totally ingenious! Your bottle from computer parts is also a fantastic re-purposing project. I recently dismantled an old portable t.v. and harvested the mini capacitors to make jars of preserves that I had seen in a Russian tutorial. I was very pleased with the results and I know that you must feel the same with these bottles!
I am really enjoying this project of yours, Debbie. :D