Sunday, 10 August 2014

talk about the rain!!! and some printies

HI all
Yes I will mention the rain, could not believe the rain we had Friday, our road was flooded, luckily it did not come up to my bungalow,and then 2 hours later, the sun was shining and the roads was clear and dry, makes me wonder if there is some unknown force about having fun in creating havoc.

I have not had time for minis, so much going on, I am now attending Pulmonary Rehab, this is 2 afternoons a week for 8 weeks, I am finding it useful and learning how to control my breathing, plus I am getting 2 hours exercise a week,  this is helping me with my diet, yes I am also on a diet, but even this is not easy, due to me being on warfarin, I have to have a dietician who is helping me, basically I am changing the way I eat and she hope this will help me lose weight, I have a stone to lose, but she thinks at least half of this is the fluid I carry.
So as you can see my weeks are busy.

I have been sewing lots, making baby stuff, after the responses I got from family and friends about the baby bits I had made, I decided to make some and see if they sell, so today they will be going on Ebay to see what happens, I am also going to put them on facebook, wish me luck.

I still hope to make and sell my miniatures, but I have seen a slowdown in sales, I think its a lot to do with miniatures being a hobby and in times of hardship, hobbies take a back seat, 

well thats enough of me going on, I am enjoying catching up with all your blogs,
there are so many interesting things to read about  and see.

Here are some printies, please use them only for personal use, as they are not mine. thanks , enjoy

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The grandmommy said...

Thank you so much for the printies. So kind to think of us when you are feeling so poorly. Feel better soon.